Monitor Your Settings and Reduce Your Environmental Impact


Monitor process conditions and stay informed of the various environmental aspects of your operations.

SimpliCollect offers you a range of communication modules that can be connected to sensors, such as flowmeters, pH-meters, turbidimeters, and conductivity meters.

Whether it’s for handling waste-water treatment processes, monitoring product or contaminant leaks, or surrounding-air conditions—such as temperature, relative humidity, wind direction and atmospheric pressure—we have the solutions you need.

All the information in the SimpliCollect database, whether stored locally or on the cloud, will allow you to monitor environmental conditions and warn you if setpoints are exceeded.

This data will also allow you to create reporting for various governmental and regulatory bodies, in addition to allowing you to archive data demonstrating your compliance.

Monitoring Waste-Water Treatment Processes


SimpliCollect allows you to monitor your waste-water treatment processes.

When it comes to treated water flow—including water meters, pump-start/stop and energy-consumption monitoring, and quantities of oxygen dissolved—SimpliCollect allows for automated monitoring of your treatment process.

You will receive a notification, by email or SMS, when a setpoint is exceeded or in the case of an alarm related to one of the pumps.

You will receive nonstop information about your treatment processes, and their compliance with regulatory standards.