Our Services

Let our Experts Install your System

We offer you a wide range of services when it comes to choosing, installing and servicing our solutions:

  • Help with choosing a solution
  • Installing equipment
  • Activation
  • Training

These are the various steps in a sample SimpliCollect technology-deployment project.

Plan de projet EN

Installation and Activation

We take a systematic approach and follow a rigorous project-management methodology. You will remain involved through each step of the project and will be consulted at every key moment.

During the activation phase, it’s also our goal to share with you all the knowledge we can in order to ensure that everything works properly once the system has been delivered.


We offer you a service where we personalize software and develop custom-made solutions.

SimpliCollect technology allows for solutions applicable to a wide variety of problems, which can also increase your productivity:

  • Development of personalized software
  • Custom-made sensors and hubs

Local or cloud-based solutions


We offer a number of very affordable, as well as completely free, approaches to training you on our technologies:

  • Technical documentation on the SimpliCollect website
  • Instructional YouTube videos about using our solutions
  • Training offered by our experts during installation and activation
  • Custom-made training programs for your site