Our Products

An Affordable Solution for Monitoring Your Operations

SimpliCollect offers you a wide variety of sensors and communication modules based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology. These tools can allow you to gather a broad variety of measurements, such as:

  • Temperature (air, soil, liquids)
  • Humidity (air, soil)
  • Liquid flow
  • Liquid/Gas pressure
  • Weather station data
  • Environmental data (CO2, VOC, light, noise, vibrations, etc.)
  • Industrial automation (dry contacts, relays, etc.)
  • And many other types of measurements

The data that’s collected is stored locally and can be archived on the cloud.  This data can then be viewed as a graph or Excel file and compared to operational thresholds to generate notifications in SMS or email formats.

SimpliCollect’s True Strength Is Its Simplicity

All of our technology works using Wi-Fi communication between common pieces of equipment like those you probably already own. Therefore, it’s very simple to integrate our solutions into your existing setup.

You can learn more about our solutions for the following sectors:

Immediate Benefits

Measure to manage!

SimpliCollect allows you measure all your processes in real time and provides you with plenty of advance warning about any potential issues. The resulting benefits are immediate:

  • Reduction in production losses and wasted time
  • Ability to plan maintenance and avoid equipment breakdowns
  • Delivery of products to customers using the just-in-time model
  • Meeting standards and respecting regulations in order to avoid environmental incidents

A Completely Integrated, Affordable IoT Solution

Our solution is completely based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology and allows you to get a high-quality system at an affordable price.

The difference between this approach and previous generations of technology has to do with component miniaturization and virtualization of cloud-based systems.


Data Interface with your Systems

The SimpliCollect gateway can interface with your databases such as OSIsoft PI, Azure IoT Suite or your other relational databases (SQL Server, Oracle, etc.).

This makes it possible to integrate the data captured by the SimpliCollect modules throughout your company.